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SPRINGBOARD: Assembly for creative climate action

Date 27 February 2023
Time 10:00 - 16:45
Venue Online
Organiser Creative Carbon Scotland
  • Freelancers and representatives of unfunded organisations – £5 per person
  • Representatives of funded organisations – £12.50 per person

About the Event

Scotland in 2045 will be a net-zero country, confident in a changed climate.

Society, communities, jobs and the economy will look very different in this greener, fairer, more equal country.

How do we create this new Scotland?

The transformation needs imagination, conversations, and new ways of working.

SPRINGBOARD: Assembly for creative climate action will take place online from 27 February to 2 March 2023. Hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland, they invite cultural, environmental and community organisations and individual practitioners, local authorities, businesses, charities, government and public organisations to work together to grasp the opportunities and overcome the challenges of the journey to this new Scotland.

There will be inspiring and informative talks and discussions with experts in climate change, culture and social change. But for most of the four-day assembly you’ll be working in a ‘cohort’ discussing one of the following three questions:

  1. How do we accelerate the decarbonisation of the cultural sector? 
  2. How can we collaborate for resilience?
  3. How can culture play its full role in the necessary transformation of society?

How will the cohorts work?

You’ll join a cohort focusing on one of the questions and a topic that you know about – say touring theatre or libraries, 20-minute neighbourhoods or adaptation – or are interested in, perhaps as a supplier or wanting to work collaboratively on the given topic.

Each cohort, led by a convenor, will work in a 90-minute breakout session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to answer one of the three questions, define a clear aim and develop an action plan to work on during 2023. On Thursday there is a longer cohort session in the morning – 10.20am-1pm (160 minutes including a 15-minute break), and after lunch, a 90-minute plenary that will include cohorts presenting their action plans, Q&A and discussion.

We’ll share progress from each cohort regularly throughout the assembly so that everyone understands the synergies between the various discussions.

Additional Info

Other programme elements, which include presentations, provocations and panels covering, for example, Professor Carly McLachlan on strong decarbonisation, urbanism expert Daisy Narayanan and others on how to bring about transformational change, adaptation, climate justice and more. You can join these sessions live or watch a recording in your own time. They’ll serve to provide real-life examples, inspire momentum and raise challenges that will feed into your cohort discussions.

Details of the programme will be available from Tuesday 10 January onwards.

Be part of the Exhibition Hall

Alongside the main programme and cohort sessions, we invite you to share your ideas, your projects, your successes, even the problems you need to solve, in our virtual exhibition hall. Videos, posters, presentations are all welcome. Many cultural organisations are addressing similar questions and we can learn from each other; climate change organisations will have their own questions, resources and solutions to share and can learn from the enormous progress the cultural sector has made.

During the assembly you’ll be able to explore the Exhibition Hall. The exhibits will feed into the work of the cohorts and provide a lasting resource.

Submissions to the Exhibition Hall will open on Tuesday 10 January.

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