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Growth Mindset - What is it? Do I have one? How do I get one?!

Date 31 January 2023
Time 11:00 - 12:00
Venue Online
Organiser Get The Gen


About the Event

Developing and practicing the principles of a Growth Mindset is key to achieving your professional and personal goals for 2023!

Whether you've never even considered 'mindset' before, done a little bit of armchair reading, or already have a Masters' Degree in Psychology, Get The Gen are delighted to share insight and knowledge on the topic of Growth Mindset to kickstart the New Year!

This session will help you discover more about the principles of Growth Mindset, including key tools and techniques to be aware of, and how to coach this approach in others around you.

We will look at some of the challenges which make utilising a Growth Mindset approach difficult, and consider some of our options to counteract this situation when it happens.

This fast-paced, interactive and engaging session will leave you fired up to drive towards your ambitions for the year, with the tools and knowledge to make it possible!

The talk is delivered by Get the Gen - A social enterprise supporting employers across the UK in understanding the value and overcoming the challenges of embracing a cohesive multigenerational workforce.

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