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Cultural Change in a Changing World

Date 18 October 2022
Time 10am
Venue Online
Organiser Climate Museum UK & MGS


About the Event

Climate Museum UK (CMUK) are an experimental museum that generates and curates creative responses to the Earth crisis. Founded in 2018 by Bridget McKenzie, CMUK has grown into a collective of creatives across the UK. Aligned in their principles, members organise activations to help people play, create, and talk about all aspects of the climate and ecological crisis. Focused on co-learning and conversation, CMUK work to open people’s imaginations to possible futures and build skills to turn ideas into positive realities.

Three online workshops of two hours duration have been arranged with Climate Officer, Alex Smith, for Scotland’s Museums:

  • Grasping the situation: what is the Earth crisis?
  • Eco Lens on Things
  • Cultural Change in a Changing World

Together, they form a course that takes you through:

  • learning about the urgent realities of the Earth crisis and its relationship to social issues and culture
  • exploring how museum collections and programmes can engage with audiences around these issues
  • anticipating museums in the future, in a changing world, and planning pathways of action for a resilient future.

You can sign up for all three workshops, treating it as a whole course. However you may feel that one or two of the sessions aren’t relevant to you so you can attend one or two only. Slides from each workshop can be made available so you can put your experience in context.

“Cultural Change in a Changing World” is a thought provoking look at our changing world where:

  • Travelling in time to 2095, you will imagine your museum and its community, to consider the threats and opportunities for a more sustainable future.
  • Review the systemic causes of the Earth crisis, and how museums have agency to take action.
  • Use the 8 pathways of the Culture Takes Action framework to identify the strengths and priorities of your organisations.
  • Telling stories of a ‘Story of Change-making’ to ensure that in 2095, your organisations have helped create a sustainable future for people, place and planet.


Please note a teams invite will be sent to you nearer the time of the event.


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