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Creative Leadership Sessions

Date 26 November 2020
Time 10am-11.15am
Venue Online
Organiser MGS, ASVA & HES

Fully Funded for the 3rd Sector
Public/Private sector fee:£30

1 person per organisation

About the Event

Develop your creative thinking + online

• Learn how to think more creatively about the current challenges you face
• Gain practical tools to develop your creativity
• Find solutions using creative thinking
• Think about your business in a different light
• Explore a new way of thinking

The heritage, tourism and cultural sectors
have been heavily impacted by the rise of
Covid-19 and the impact of the lockdown on
their activity. During this period, it essential
to learn how to think creatively in order to
adapt to the situation, adjust to the new
normal, and find solutions for the future.

Who is it for?
Leaders managing venues in the heritage,
tourism and cultural sectors who would like
to develop their creative thinking in order to
adapt their leadership to the ‘Next Normal’
These fully funded sessions are primary for
organisations coming from the Third Sector,
Social Enterprises and Charities. A limited
number of places will be available for other

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