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Joint Statement on museums and collections at risk

Joint Statement on museums and collections at risk

Museums Galleries Scotland has contributed towards a joint statement on museums and collections at risk.  As part of a group of key funding, development and membership bodies for the museums and heritage sector, MGS agreed to a coordinated approach in response to situations when museums or collections are at risk.

The joint statement, which sets out the detail of the commitment, outlines what steps will be taken to guard against the possible loss of public access through closure of museums, or the sale or dispersal of collections or historic buildings.

Although many museums are thriving, significant numbers are facing serious challenges to their long-term sustainability.  The concern is that continued public access to some public collections and museums could be jeopardised by a range of factors, including:

  • cuts in funding and support
  • less capacity and loss of expertise within a reduced workforce
  • loss of Accredited status and associated benefits
  • threat to and loss of collections (for example through sale)
  • loss of buildings (for example as landlords sell off assets)

Joe Traynor, Head of Development at Museums Galleries Scotland, said: “We encourage any museum with concerns about their immediate or future sustainability to get in touch with us so that we can help to get things on the right path. This partnership will ensure we are each doing our part to develop and support a thriving museum sector across the UK.”

In all, 16 organisations which have committed to the joint statement and approach to supporting museums or collections at risk:

  • Arts Council England
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Museums Association
  • Army Museums Ogilby Trust
  • Association of Independent Museums
  • Collections Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Historic England
  • University Museums Group
  • Art Fund
  • National Museums Directors’ Council
  • National Trust
  • Museums Galleries Scotland
  • Northern Ireland Museums Council
  • The National Archives and the Museum Development Network


Download the joint statement

Joint statement on museums and collections at risk (DOCX, 8MB)
Published 19 September 2018