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Take part in our national advocacy campaign on 18th May and tell us how #MuseumsSparkJoy for you.


To celebrate and support International Museum Day on Monday 18th May,  (#IMD2020) Museums Galleries Scotland will be going ahead with our annual awareness raising campaign to help highlight the important role museums and galleries across Scotland have in peoples’ lives; and how they continue to inspire, delight and create public value through a lot of the work they are currently doing, to reach out to visitors online during lockdown.

The campaign will involve coordinated social media activity on the day, using the hashtag #MuseumsSparkJoy, as well as PR.

Can anyone take part?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t have to be a museum to get involved, one of the key messages throughout the campaign is that museums are for everyone. We’re really fortunate that people who work or volunteer in museums are already pretty passionate about them and love to share what makes museums special to them. We’ll be involving the team at MGS as well, so look out for some interesting posts from us!

How to get involved

There are many different ways that you can take part depending on how involved you would like to be, as a cultural heritage organisation or as an individual, or both!

As an organisation, we would like you to reach out to your social media followers on the 18th May, to encourage them to tell us why museums spark joy for them, by sharing on social media (using the hash tag #MuseumsSparkJoy):

  • what they love and miss most about their local museum or gallery,
  • memories or photos they have of previous visits.

As an individual you can use your own social media to post something using the #MuseumsSparkJoy hashtag, to share what you love and miss most based around your own favourite collection, stories or images.

As an organisation, you might also want to share what it is about your organisation that sparks joy, and what you love and miss most about your museum or gallery. It could be your collection, or something about your staff and volunteers (or their favourite collection items).

It would also be good for you to highlight what you are offering online for your visitors. This can include anything from regular social media posts to online collections or activities for the kids. 

This is also an opportunity to highlight any online fundraising platforms you may have (or with guidance from MGS, create one!). 

You may already be planning to host an online activity as part of International Museum Day #IMD2020 on the 18th May, to celebrate Museums for Equality: Diversity and inclusion, so we just ask you to join in with our campaign too, to help celebrate museums and galleries across Scotland.

We will also be contacting trade and consumer press, as there has been a lot of interest around what museums and galleries are doing to engage visitors at this time, and we already have a lot of really good examples from you to share. So, please continue to let us know of any online activities you are currently undertaking by contacting

Making it easier to take part

Have you taken part in #MuseumsSparkJoy campaign before or other previous social media days such as #ScottishMuseumsDay#ScotlandsNSCs#MuseumsGaveToMe or Culture Themes days such as #WhyILoveMuseums day or #MuseumSelfieDay? You can use the free social media analytics tools included with services like Facebook or Twitter to look back over your posts and see if there were any that resonated with your followers. You can use the content of these posts to create something to post for #MuseumsSparkJoy. (If you’re unsure how to access these free tools our guide on online engagement tracking can help you. It also provides some guidance on gathering online data for reporting purposes.)

Thinking up social media content can be really time consuming so you may want to plan and schedule some tweets in advance. You can use free tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to do this. Simply write your posts, schedule them for 18th May and the tools will post them for you.

Part of the joy of a social media day is seeing, sharing and responding to what others have posted so please remember to also join in in real time on the day too! 

Additional support

If you are struggling to create digital content whilst working from home because of lack of equipment/ software then we have a digital resilience fund available.

If you would like help to set up an online donation page, in the run up to the campaign, we can provide support so please get in touch. 

What next?

We'll be posting from @MuseumsGalScot.  You can join in the conversation on social media on Monday 18th May, by reaching out to your own social media followers with fun, engaging posts, asking them to get involved to help celebrate and support our museums and galleries across Scotland.  Remember to use the following hashtags #MuseumsSparkJoy  #IMD2020 #MuseumsAtHome

If you still have any questions drop us an email.  

*“Spark joy” was popularised by the Japanese organisational consultant, Marie Kondo. It is a translation of the Japanese word tokimeku, which describes the fluttery sensation you feel in your chest when you are happy or excited.