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Publicising your award

Publicising your award

A great way of raising awareness of the project you plan to undertake and the fact that you have successfully bid for funding from Museums Galleries Scotland is via press and media. Publicising your grant is also a great way to raise local and national awareness of your organisation. This page sets out what you should do when announcing your grant and how best to go about it. We are also on hand if you would like any media advice.

When to announce your grant

Once you have received your award letter from us you are free to consider how you publicise it. If there are any date restrictions on announcing your grant, the letter will inform you of these. Typically, we will issue one overall national press release and we encourage you to contact your own local press.

Writing your press release

The best way to publicise your grant is to prepare a press release with information about the your award and what your project will involve.

News desks and journalists are sent hundreds of press releases every day so keep yours short and concise with a strong headline. Consider the five W's (who, what, where, when and why) in your initial paragraphs. Include all key information about the grant: your organisation name, where you are based, what the project will do, and when it will start and will be completed.

Also consider the anticipated impact on the community or tangible outcomes but avoid detailed information. Remember who will be reading the article and help to explain the benefits in a way that will interest them.

Remember to send us a copy of your press release for approval prior to sending to press. We can also provide a supporting quote but please allow five working days’ notice.

Where to send your release

If you do not know who to send your release to at your local newspapers, magazines and radio station then just give the main number a call and ask to speak to the news desk – that is the first step to building a valuable relationship. We is also more than happy to give you some guidance on press outlets and contacts if required.

Giving interviews

Your press release might prompt requests for an interview about your project. Decide who will be your media spokesperson and make sure they are briefed in advance with the relevant messages to get across. Don’t forget to mention the support from MGS and also please let us know if you have been asked to do an interview before it takes place.

There is no such thing as ‘off the record’. Everything you say could be quoted so if you do not wish to cover a subject then don’t talk about it.

Picture this!

Newspapers and websites always welcome interesting and eye-catching photos. Does your project offer a strong visual opportunity? It costs you nothing to invite your local press photographers - or if you have the budget organise your own photographer. Please advise us if you are planning a photocall and share your photographs with us.

Project endorsement and local support

Telling your local politicians, local dignitaries or MSPs about your project is a great way of ensuring that your organisation is on their radar. You could offer them the opportunity to endorse your project in your press release or to take part in your photocall. 

Keep communicating your project milestones

As your project progresses tell the media when you have a milestone coming up - openings and finales make a good story. Remember to acknowledge the MGS support and also invite us to relevant events - we would love to be there to help you celebrate your achievement if possible.

Take advantage of social media

It pays off to include social media in your communications. We can also share your news through our social media.  Follow us on Twitter on @MuseumsGalScot and mention us in tweets and we can share your project with our followers.

Your contacts at MGS

For advice on press and media and send your press releases for MGS quotes and approval contact our marketing team on / 0131 550 4100.