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Information For Existing Grant Holders

Information For Existing Grant Holders

If you have a 'Year of Stories 2022' Community Stories Fund grant, please follow this link to the relevant information.  You will find everything you need in the “Guidance for successful applicants” document.

Using MGS Online

Once you have been offered a grant, all aspects of the award and monitoring process for your project will be handled on MGS Online. This is where you go to accept your award, submit reports and claims, update contact details and check your original application. Please read the guidance in this section before contacting us with any queries about the process. 

Accepting Your Award

Accessing Information About Your Application and Award

Updating Project Contact Details

Publicising Your Project

A great way of raising awareness of the project you plan to undertake and the fact that you have successfully bid for funding from MGS is via press and media. Publicising your grant is also a great way to raise local and national awareness of your organisation. We've created some helpful advice on what you should do when announcing your grant and how best to go about it. We are also on hand if you would like any media advice.

When publicising your project you must acknowledge MGS’s support by including our logo on all publicity and marketing materials relating to the project. Logos should be requested from our Marketing Manager. When producing materials that feature the MGS logo, visuals should be sent for approval to our Marketing Manager at We will endeavour to respond within 7 days of receipt.

Advice on publicising your award

Requesting a Change to Project Dates, Activity, or Budget

If you need to make a change to your project due to unforeseen circumstances or a new opportunity that arises, you must contact us before committing to any changes. This includes an extension to the end of project date as confirmed at the time of accepting your award or proposals to change the activity or budget as set out in your original application. 

Requesting a change to project dates, activity, or budget


Your award letter sets out how frequently we expect you to report on progress, and any specific information you must provide at the end of the project. Please make sure that you check these details when you accept the grant and make a note of when your reports are due and what data you may need to collect. We advise you to look at what is going to be required in your end of project report early on in your project so that you can ensure you collect the relevant information as you go along. It is a condition of funding that you submit these reports, and you are responsible for making sure you complete them by the due dates.

Submitting a Report Online

Project Status Update Reports

End of Project Reports

Making a Claim

Claims must be made via MGS Online and supported by evidence of expenditure. Please note that we make payments once a month by BACS transfer and that claims must be checked before they are authorised for payment. There may therefore be a significant delay between making a claim and receiving payment, so please contact us if you have cash flow issues or need payment made by a specific date.

How Payments are Made

Making a Claim Online

Initial Payments

Interim Payments

Final Payments

Acceptable Evidence of Expenditure


Our Grants Team are available at:

Please note, for technical support with using MGS Online, you should email