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How Payments Are Made

How Payments are Made

Please note that we make payments once a month by BACS transfer and that claims must be checked before they are authorised for payment. There may therefore be a significant delay between making a claim and receiving payment, so please contact us if you have cash flow issues or need payment made by a specific date. 

We will request your bank details when you receive your first award from MGS, and these will then be used for all future payments unless you notify us that your bank details have changed. We ask you to confirm that your bank details remain the same on every claim that you make but you can notify us of any changes at any time by contacting 

Many of our awards are offered as a percentage of the full project costs as presented in your application and, where this is the case, the percentage will be confirmed in your award letter. You must therefore include all project costs in your claims, not just the elements being funded by MGS, and calculate how much you are claiming against that cost.