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Frequently asked questions

I can’t access MGS Online

If you are having trouble accessing the site, use the direct URL:

I am logged in but can’t see my project

Prior to an award being made, a submitted application will only appear in the Apply section rather than in the Projects section

I am logged in but still can’t see my project

You will not automatically see all projects created by your organisation. The members of a particular grant are newly created for each application. If you have not been assigned a role as the primary contact, Signature Authority or Finance Authority, you will not be able to view that grant. You can be added to the project by an existing member of the grant within the Members section. If you have any problems with this, just ask the team at MGS and we’ll be happy to help.

I can’t sign my application

The view you see differs depending on the role you have been assigned. If you have created the application and assigned the role of Signature Authority to someone else, only they will be able to sign the application.

I can’t attach documents to my application

You may experience problems if you are trying to attach documents directly from a server. Save the document to your computer first and try to attach from there.

Have I submitted my grant application?

You will receive an email confirming that the grant has been submitted. If you have not received the email, please check all the stages have been completed. A common mistake is thinking that when the application is signed, it has been submitted, however there is a final Submit step which completes the process.

How do I view and print my application?

In the Apply section, find the application you wish to view and click on the status button on the right hand side. At the bottom left of the page, click on View Application. Once open, you can view your application. If you wish to print the application, click on the red Print button in the bottom left corner of the black bar. It is useful to set up Adobe PDF as a printer so you have the facility to save to PDF as well as being able to make a paper copy.

How do I make a claim?

In the top left corner of MGSOnline, click on ‘Projects’. On this page, click on the project title in the ‘Active Projects’ section. Scroll down to ‘My Claims’ and click on the blue ‘New Claim’ button. Full guidance on making a claim can be found here.

If the New Claim button does not appear, it may be because you already have a claim in progress.

Why haven’t I received my claim yet?

Although a claim may show as approved online, we only process payments once a month. We aim for payments to be made by the last day of the month.

How do I create a report?

All reports are scheduled at the award acceptance stage of the grant and appear in the ‘My Reports’ section of your grant details page. You cannot create a new report after this stage, however, you may need to update us on certain aspects of the project or we may ask that you put in writing requests for changes in the use of funds or movements in the project end date. If this is the case, please contact MGS and we will create a report for you.