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Intangible Cultural Heritage support for funding recipients


Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) is a living and dynamic form of culture that is “constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history.” ICH encompasses stories, oral traditions, myths, legends, expressions, dialect words and so much more, and many projects supported through the Community Stories Fund feature elements of this living heritage.

We are providing a package of support to Community Stories Fund recipients to enable you to record and safeguard ICH, whether it’s relevant to your Year of Stories supported project or to future projects. As part of this support package, Peter Hewitt, MGS’s dedicated ICH Officer, will provide you with training, advice and resources.

Outline of ICH Support

Support for all Community Stories Fund recipients includes:

  • Training to explore definitions and examples of ICH, how it can be recorded and safeguarded, and an outline of the support available through Museums Galleries Scotland. You will be emailed invites to ICH training opportunities and recordings of these workshops will be shared on this website.
  • Help to connect your organisation with the wider Scottish heritage sector and/or ICH communities, and with ICH expertise.
  • Sharing blogs and case studies which explore ICH elements of Year of Stories projects which can be used as learning resources.

In addition, if your Year of Stories project includes strong elements of ICH, Peter will be in touch directly to:

  • Help you identify the specific ICH aspects of your project that could be recorded and safeguarded, as well as to explain their wide-ranging cultural importance.
  • Discuss how your ICH project outcomes (e.g. performance, video or sound recording) could be uploaded to the ICH Scotland wiki site.
  • Ask if you would be interested in creating a blog post or case study about the ICH aspects of your project so your experiences can help others.
  • Provide support so you can build upon your Year of Stories activity to create a legacy ICH project that could continue year on year (if you are interested and able to take up this opportunity).

Please contact ICH Officer Peter Hewitt at for more information.


Hero image: The Ballater Highland Games (credit: VisitScotland / David N Anderson)