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Your governance document

What to include

Your governance document is a formal document which contains the following:

  • What the museum is set up to do (objects)
  • How the museum will do those things (powers)
  • Who will run it (e.g. trustees)
  • What happens if changes need to be made (amendment provision)
  • What happens if the museum wishes to wind up (dissolution provision)
  • How the museum will be run including arrangements for meetings, voting, accounting etc. (governance arrangements)

Who should approve it?

The governing document must be approved by the governing body. Depending on the legal status of your organisation, it might also need approval from

  • Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator – OSCR (to be registered charity)
  • HM Revenue and Customs (for tax purposes and Gift Aid)
  • Local Authority (for rate relief, where this applies)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (for Industrial and Provident Societies)
  • Companies House (for registered companies)

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