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Accreditation returns schedule

Accreditation returns schedule

We are currently revising the Accreditation schedule following the pause in the scheme due to Covid. The hope is that the scheme will reopen in October 2021. All Accredited museums will have their current Accreditation awarded status extended until 1 April 2022. All museums invited to submit a return will be given 6 months notice to gather their Accreditation evidence.  If you have any concerns about the revision of the schedule or any issues that may impact on your Accreditation status please contact us on


The following table shows the schedule for all Accredited museums in Scotland and the museums with Working Towards Accreditation status.

The schedule shows when your museum will be invited and when you will be expected to submit your return.

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact us on


Acc # Museum when invited when due to submit aiming for panel
1114 Pollock House 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1267 Broughton House 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1491 Culross Palace 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1492 Brodick Castle 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1493 Fyvie Castle 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1494 Hugh Miller's Cottage 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
1495 House of Dun 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
2063  Robert Burns Birthplace Museum 09-Apr-19 31-Oct-19 Feb-20
T471 Dalkeith Museum     Feb-20
18 David Livingstone Centre 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
2270 Portsoy Salmon Bothy 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
1481 Taigh Chearsbhagh Museum & Art Centre 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
450 Montrose Air Station Museum 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
1282 Bute Museum 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
2269 Oban War and Peace Museum 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
1263 Achadh an Droighinn/Auchindrain 04-Jun-19 19-Dec-19 Apr-20
901 Royal Scots Regimental Museum 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
1281 Mull Museum 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
2327 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
2009 Insch Connection 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
2235 Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
1272 Highlanders Museum 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
473 Whithorn Trust 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
1747 John Paul Jones Museum 06-Aug-19 27-Feb-20 Jun-20
1915 Duff House 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
2073 Skara Brae Visitor Centre 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
2072 Melrose Abbey Commendator's House 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
481 Maclaurin Art Gallery 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
463 George Waterston Memorial Centre 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
68 West Highland Museum 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
685 Tangwick Haa Museum 05-Nov-19 28-May-20 Sep-20
2330 Ravenspoint Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
458 Bernera Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
462 Museum of Islay Life 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1296 Aberdeen Art Gallery 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1297 Aberdeen Maritime Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1299 Provost Skene's House 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1089 Arbuthnot Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1093 Banchory Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1095 Aberdeenshire Farming Museum 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
2197 Mintlaw Discovery Centre 09-Jan-20 30-Jul-20 Nov-20
1261 British Golf Museum 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
453 National Mining Museum Scotland 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
903 Lillie Art Gallery 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
1129 Auld Kirk Museum 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
1151 Almond Valley Heritage Centre 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
1262 Scottish Fisheries Museum 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
2198 Scottish Football Museum 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
2035 Dunbeath Heritage Centre 07-Apr-20 29-Oct-20 Feb-21
1638 Fine Art Collections, Edinburgh University 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
1642 Cockburn Museum of Geology 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
1640 St Cecilia's Hall Museum of Instruments 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
2341 Centre for Research Collections and Art Collection 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
2342 Anatomy Museum 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
16 Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
1704 Museum Collections, University of Dundee 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
178 Kilmartin Museum 02-Jun-20 24-Dec-20 Apr-21
1023 The Hunterian 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
336 Grantown Museum and Heritage Centre 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
1277 Museum of the Isles 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
1487 Art Collection, University of Stirling 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
1269 Herriot Watt University Museum and Archives 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
1148 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
20 Gairloch Heritage Museum 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
452 Pier Arts Centre 04-Aug-20 25-Feb-21 Jun-21
1307 Discovery Point 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
1308 Scotland's Jute Museum @ Verdant Works 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
475 Ullapool Museum and Visitor Centre 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
86 Gordon Highlanders Museum 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
2103 The Tall Ship at Riverside 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
2287 Lismore Museum 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
2094 Highland Folk Museum 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
1100 Inverness Museum and Art Gallery 03-Nov-20 27-May-21 Sep-21
474 Moffat Museum 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
1271 Royal Highland Fusiliers Regimental Museum 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
100 Clan Macpherson Museum 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
2052 Historylinks Museum 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
1295 Museum of Scottish Railways 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
2051 Tarbat Discovery Centre 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
291 Scottish Maritime Museum 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
292 Denny Ship Model Test Tank 05-Jan-21 29-Jul-21 Nov-21
521 Baird Institute Museum 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1149 Dick Institute Museum and Art Gallery 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1150 Dean Castle 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
2186 Burns House Museum 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1134 Broughty Castle 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1135 Mills Observatory 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1132 McManus Gallleries 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1026 University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1024 Kings Museum, University of Aberdeen 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
1029 University of Aberdeen, Anatomy Museum 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
67 Strathnaver Museum 06-Apr-21 28-Oct-21 Feb-22
2168 Museum of Scottish Lighthouses 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
1403 Falconer Museum 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
208 Crail Museum 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
N/A HES museum authority (overview) 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
1927 Museum of Communication 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
2356 Royal Regiment of Scotland 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
1102 Callendar House 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
1103 Kinneil Museum 01-Jun-21 30-Dec-21 Apr-22
1077 Colzium Museum 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1925 Cumbernauld Museum 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1078 Kilsyth's Heritage 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1924 North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1280 Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1926 Shotts Heritage Centre 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
1287 Bell Pettigrew Museum 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
2211 Museum of the University of St Andrews 03-Aug-21 01-Feb-22 Jun-22
476 Paisley Museum and Art Gallery, including the Coats Observatory 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
2074 Renfrew Museum 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
2112 Surgeons' Hall Museums 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
48 Highland Childhood Museum 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
2183 Robert Gordon University Collections 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
2366 Westray 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
1147 Museum Nan Eilean, Uist & Barra 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
1146 Museum Nan Eilean, Steòrnabhagh 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
1279 Royal Scottish Academy 02-Nov-21 26-May-22 Sep-22
1112 Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
1113 Burrell Collection 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
1117 People's Palace Museum 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
1118 Riverside Museum 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
1415 Scotland Street School Museum 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
1480 St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art 04-Jan-22 28-Jul-22 Nov-22
2159 Dunbar Town House Museum 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
454 Prestongrange Museum 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
2160 John Muir's Birthplace 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
2312 John Gray Centre Museum 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1121 Museum of Edinburgh 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1122 Writers' Museum 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1123 Queensferry Museum 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1124 Edinburgh City Art Centre 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1125 The People's Story 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1126 Museum of Childhood 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
1127 Lauriston Castle 05-Apr-22 27-Oct-22 Feb-23
2367 The Scottish Crannog Centre 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
448 Timespan 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
1285 Groam House Museum 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
1021 Thirlestane Castle 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
480 Rozelle House 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
438 Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
451 Fife Folk Museum 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
1707 Trimontium Museum 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
1274 Mclean Museum and Art Gallery 07-Jun-22 29-Dec-22 Apr-23
1794 Shetland Textile 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
2089 Unst Heritage Centre 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
2090 Unst Bopat Haven 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
469 Bennie Museum 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
455 Old Haa 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
2376 Jedburgh Abbey Visitor Centre 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
2375 Iona Abbey Museum 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
457 Dunblane Museum 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
2374 Dundee Museum of Transport 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
445 St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum 02-Aug-22 23-Feb-23 Jun-23
1031 Montrose Museum 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
1032 William Lamb Sculpture Studio 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
1033 Arbroath Signal Tower Museum 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
1035 Meffan Museum and Art Gallery 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
1036 Brechin Town House Museum 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
2034 Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
413 North Ayrshire Museum 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
412 Museum of The Cumbraes 01-Nov-22 25-May-23 Sep-23
1022 Grampian Transport Museum 10-Jan-23 27-Jul-23 Nov-23
2381 Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum 10-Jan-23 27-Jul-23 Nov-23
2380 St Vigeans Museum 10-Jan-23 27-Jul-23 Nov-23
2382 Urquhart Castle Visitor Centre 10-Jan-23 27-Jul-23 Nov-23
1897 Whitburn Community Museum 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
1898 Blackridge Community Museum 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
2172 Broxburn Community Museum 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
2076 Leadhills Miners Library 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
2389 Glasgow Police Museum 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
2397 Devil's Porridge Museum 03-Apr-23 26-Oct-23 Feb-24
1570 National Museum of Scotland May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
1572 National War Museum May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
1573 National Museum of Flight May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
1576 Scottish National Gallery  May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
1577 Scottish National Portrait Gallery May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
1578 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art  May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
2081 National Museum of Rural Life May-23 Oct-23 Apr-24?
2390 Caerlaverock Castle Visitor Centre 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
1020 Museum of Lead Mining 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
460 Low Parks Museum 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
484 Fergusson Gallery 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
898 Perth Museum and Art Gallery 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
900 Alyth Museum 06-Jun-23 28-Dec-23 Apr-24
550 Gracefield Arts Centre 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1106 Stranraer Museum 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1107 Castle of St John Visitor Centre 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1130 Stewartry Museum 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1131 Castle Douglas Art Gallery 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1138 Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1139 Robert Burns House 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1140 Robert Burns Centre 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1141 Old Bridge House Museum 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1143 Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1485 Tolbooth Art Centre 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
1496 Annan Museum 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
2415 Kirkcudbright Galleries 01-Aug-23 22-Feb-24 Jun-24
246 Methil Heritage Centre 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
1079 Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
1080 Buckhaven Museum 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
1081 Burntisland Museum 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
1110 St Andrews Museum 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
1111 Laing Museum 07-Nov-23 23-May-24 Sep-24
2214 Atholl Country Life Museum 09-Jan-24 25-Jul-24 Nov-24
30 The Royal Burgh of Lanark Museum 09-Jan-24 25-Jul-24 Nov-24
1982 Crawfordjohn Heritage Venture 09-Jan-24 25-Jul-24 Nov-24
2396 Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre 09-Jan-24 25-Jul-24 Nov-24
1385 Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum 09-Jan-24 25-Jul-24 Nov-24
904 Tweeddale Museum and Gallery 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
905 St Ronan's Wells Interpretation Centre 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1087 Halliwell's House Museum 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1088 Old Gala House Museum 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1096 Hawick Museum and The Scott Gallery 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1310 Coldstream Museum 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1098 Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1099 Mary Queen of Scots' House and Visitor Centre 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1311 Jim Clark Room 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
1637 Borders Textile Towerhouse 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
728 Sir Walter Scott's Courtroom 02-Apr-24 24-Oct-24 Feb-25
2414 The Hill House 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1304 Shetland Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1305 Shetland Crofthouse Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
2412 St Andrews Cathedral Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
2411 Smailholm Tower 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1300 The Orkney Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1301 Corrigall Farm Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1302 Kirbuster Farm Museum 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
1303 Scapa Flow Visitor Centre 04-Jun-24 27-Dec-24 Apr-25
T455 Kinloch Museum 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
2300 Dunollie House 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
1390 Albion Archive 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
T456 Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
1278 Paxton House 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
2416 Elgin Cathedral 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
275 Eyemouth Museum 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
676 Black Watch Castle & Museum 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
65 Regimental Museum of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
467 Stromness Museum 08-Aug-24 20-Feb-25 Jun-25
264 Linlithgow Museum 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
41 Cromarty Courthouse Museum 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
2076 Leadhills Miners Library 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
T425 New Lanark Visitor Attraction 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
410 Mallaig Heritage Centre 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
64 Nairn Museum 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
522 West Kilbride Museum 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
479 Glencoe Folk Museum 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
2062 Dalgarven Mill 05-Nov-24 22-May-25 Sep-25
89 Taigh Tasgaidh Chill Donnain 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
2244 Caithness Horizons 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
459 Glenfinnan Station Museum 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
37 Isle of Arran Heritage Museum 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
2204 Glasgow Women's Library 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
1284 Dingwall Museum 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
33 Elgin Museum 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25
1383 Campbeltown Museum 07-Jan-25 24-Jul-25 Nov-25